Alligator Mississippiensis Corteccia finish Corteccia is an artisan process made on a Dyed leather, on top of which a colored stick is rubbed. Goat Lining


Model available in sizes 35 to 41


Incollato construction technique, brings lightness and suppleness. Leather sole. Thickness 3 mm. Comfort softy insole. Heel 75 mm. 

color variants

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color variants

The product can be customized choosing among the following combination of colors and materials

aqua marine corteccia

blue 208 corteccia

brandy corteccia

brick 405 corteccia

grey 026 corteccia

nude 033 corteccia

olive corteccia

pink 045 corteccia

sun 403 corteccia

Ceruleo Corteccia

beige 035 mat

black mat

blue 208 mat

brick 045 mat

gold 110 mat

grey 026 mat

lillac 047 mat

nude 033 mat

pink 045 mat

sun 403 mat

black mill

blue mill

fragola mill

fragola and viola bc

ocra and ceruleo bc

olive and pink bc

roccia bc

Nude mat FC

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